There are 1.3 million pets in New York. It's almost the population of Manhattan (one million and six hundred people). Meaning, it was about time to create a proper borough dedicated only for these adorable creatures we all love: dogs, cats, and all other pets. That's the idea behind Pet Borough NY, a new experience for your pet. Premium organic products, premium services, excellent experiences. For all pets and their moms and dads.


My name is Alessandra Rosin, and I worked for almost twenty years in retail and restaurant management – dealing most of the time with customer relationship. It was a job that made me feel happy so many times. There was always something missing, though. Dealing with people is awesome but, contradictorily, that was not fulfilling me as a human being. That's when I started to seriously thinking about putting together something to fulfill me. And I understand there's only one way to make it happen: when you work with your PASSION. Well, it was naturally organic decision: I had to bring DOGS AND PETS to my life. This is my story at a glance, this is the story of how I gave birth to Pet Borough NYC.